My Photo Alphabet

After performing some initial research I was ready to undertake the Task My Self. I took my Nikon D3100 DSLR camera and went to the Nature to look for letters.

There was a few challenges that I faced during this task. First challenge was that I saw everything as a fixed shapes. I did not think that I could look at the shapes from a different angle or frame my shoot to capture the letter shape. After I’ve done a few shoot and got the first letters I understood that my view has to adjust a bit in order to fulfill the potential of the surrounding shapes.

The second challenge was that I was not able to find some of the letters outside. I found that with more complicating letter that have more curves than others. For example letter S was complicating to find outside so I looked for it at home and found it.  I understood from this that some of the shapes are much easier to find in the inside environment although it is still possible to find them outside as well.



An example of this could be that I thought I will never find letter G in the nature however I did but it is not very clear although You can still see it.



I have learned from this task that it is a lot about perspective of how You see things. It requires time and consideration whether a possible shape can be seen in the shoot you are about to take. That is why this task was good to train my “photographers-eye” and make my views of the surrounding a bit different.

After I had took shoots of all the letters  of English Alphabet I had to combine them into one poster Display. I have used Photoshop Software to combine Imagines into a poster display. Before I made the collage I have drawn a sketch to determine of how it should look like.


A decide to stick to a simple theme. For the collage I have create a white background Layer in Photoshop (size of a A3 paper). The to add individual images I have opened them separately and dragged them on to the background layer. A dragged imaged created a new layer and using a free transform tool I have scaled the image into desirable size and framed it it to the right position. I have done the same technique for all the pictures. When all the pictures were in place  have use Text tool to add a key above the picture to indicate what letter it is. Here is My completed Photo Alphabet Poster Display:


Task 1 – Photo Alphabet

As the fist task for Concept and Ideation unit I had to look for naturally occurring shapes. The shapes I had to look for where letter of the alphabet. Before I jumped right into the task I have performed some research to find out how other photographers do it.

While performing my research I have came across a website where You can input a word and the website will generate the word from pictures that have letter shapes in them.  This website gave me a clear understanding of how to undertake my task and how letters can be found as naturally occurring shapes.


I have also looked at some photo collages made where all the letter are combined into one collage. This gave me an understanding of how the pictures can be presented into one poster display. This is some of the work I have found by other photographers:


Performing some initial research allowed me to understand the task better and things I have to complete for this task. The task it self aim to train students “photographers-eye” and while undertaking this task I can clearly understand why it does so.