Task 3 – Motion Graphics

For Task 3 I had to use Adobe After Affects and develop my knowledge of it to generate a sequence of no less than 20 seconds in which kinetic typography is used to accompany and enhance a soundtrack featuring voice. The soundtrack that I used was provided to us and it is pitch by Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street movie. Here is  the transcript of the pitch:

“You schnooks will now be targeting the wealthiest one percent of Americans. I’m talking about whales here. Moby fucking Dicks. And with this script, which is now your new harpoon.

I’m gonna teach each and everyone of you to be Captain fucking Ahab. Get it? Huh?

Captain who?”

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are digital footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. Motions graphics can be used in variety of mediums to create an illusion of motion. For example an illusion of motion can be added to a still image. An example of this could be a still image of snow and then and illusion motion of falling snow can be added using specif software such as Adobe After Affects.

What is Kinetic Typography? 

In simple words kinetic typography can be perceived as a type of motion graphics as it is a type of art where text is expressed in animated form. Kinetic typography explores what affect time has on expression of animated text.

The Task 

For my 3rd task I had to develop my Understanding of Adobe After Affects and produce a sequence of kinetic typography over a soundtrack.

There was a lot of challenges for me when using Adobe After Affects as I was not familiar with piece of software so I have used online tutorial to guide me through the task. I have started of with the task by finding the transcript of the pitch and inserted it into a text document. In Adobe After Affects I have inserted the Audio File and created a new composition. I have opened a wave form of the audio in the time line to see when the words start. I have made individual layers using text tool for every word so I can animate it separately. When I had all the words I have segmented my work so that one sentence appear at the time this was done using the time line and listening where the sentence start and finishes. Then using the bars of individual word layers dragging them to the point where the sentence finishes. I have done this for all the sentences. After that I have use the free select tool to move the words and put the into a composition. Because I have made other sentences to appear after the previous one other words have not distracted me. I have composed all the sentences and then started to animate the text. I have animated each word individually allowing the words to move in 3D space and transforming them on specific timing using key frames. This is how my project looks like:

As mentioned I did encountered quite a few challenges and there is a lot of place of improvement. My timing could be better because animated text is a bit delayed. Also I should consider better position as in some places You can see the word animation is not position successfully. Overall I am happy with my first outcome and I am looking forward in working with Adobe After Affects in the future.