Joiner Image, Long & Short Exposure Images.

Joiner Image 

For Task 2 I was asked to create a joiner image in the style of David Hockney. As seen in my first blog post about this task I have done some research of who David Hockney is and researched his famous technique of Joiner Images. Myself have created few of these images to experiment with this technique.

For the first photograph I have used an online tool that create a photo collage from one image in the style of D. Hockney. I have used one of the picture I took in Belgium that had quite a lot of detail.

This is the Outcome I’ve got from using the tool


This tool is great for someone who wants to see what could be a possible outcome of an image f it was shoot as Joiner Image. However this did not allowed me the explore David Hockney technique to I decide to make a small composition of items and shoot them from different angle and distance. When I had all the shoots I have used Photoshop software to combine them into a photo collage. I have created a transparent background and open all the images that I will use to make the collage.  have dragged each image individually to the background and using free transform tool I have scaled the image to desirable size. Each time I added a new image I dragged the layer to the bottom so that the image goes behind other images. This allowed me to combine individual images to make one joiner images of a Style of David Hockney. Here is my joiner image:

joiner col

Long Exposure Photography 

For long exposure photography I have choose light painting and  asked my sister to draw shapes when I was taking the photographs. I have made several shoot and I experimented with different duration of shutter speeds and different appearance of light. Here are my image of long exposure light painting.

First Attempt.


Second attempt got a more definite shape.


This one has quite straight lines was happy with the outcome.


DSC_0186 DSC_0188 DSC_0190

In this photograph the light source was constantly blinking so it created a dotting affect.

DSC_0192 DSC_0194

Short Exposure Photography 

For short exposure photography I have choose frozen motion and took photographs of running and dripping water and lighter ignition. I have also made an experiment with different light. I for this project I have used camera on manual mode. I have used flash so my shutter speed could not exceed 1/200 but I have also experimented with external source of light to see the outcome.

First picture taken of a running tap.


Started to experiment with running water from the glass to capture water dripping moment.


DSC_0143 DSC_0145

In this picture I experimented with different settings. I set my ISO to 1600 and set shutter speed to 1/2500. Using these setting allowed the camera to capture the image quickly and external source of light created an interesting affect. I am very pleased with this outcome. For me it looks like liquid aluminum although it is just water. Different settings can create a different affect and show how You can perceive things in the images.


Capturing the ignition of a lighter. I have used 1/200 shutter speed and flash for this. And I have to say it have took me a while to capture the perfect moment for me. I was to late or to early most of the time. One thing I could have done differently is I could have used ISO sensitivity instead of flash which would allowed me to raise shutter speed to more that 1/200 and the use series of fast shoots. The problem is that when You use flash You can not take series of shoots because flash does not refresh that fast.

DSC_0213 DSC_0217 DSC_0219

First picture when in my opinion I timed correctly.


This one is blurry but the moment was right. DSC_0242

In my opinion this is the best timing I have done. You can see the ignition of the lighter very clearly and I really like how clear and sharp it looks.