Task 2 – Temporal Expression

Following task 2 I had to produce a number of photographs that explore long and short exposures. I have also had to create a Joiner image in the style of David Hockney.

What is long exposure photography? 

Long exposure photography is using long duration shutter speed of the camera to capture sharply capture specific elements of an image. A good example of long exposure photography is light painting. Light painting involves using external source of light and drawing objects in the air while the shutter is triggered. A long duration shutter will continually captures the movement of the light until it is released and You will be able to see the shape You drawn in the picture. Usually light painting needs a dark environment to shoot but it is possible to do it in day light with a help of lens filters. Also the camera has to be still until the shutter is released to avoid blurry pictures. In the ideal situation the only thing moving shout be the external source of light. An example of light painting:


Ref: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rafoto/2653254686

What is short exposure photography? 

Short exposure photography is basically vice versa of long exposure photography. But instead of using long shutter speed it uses quick shutter speed and is used to capture different type of photographs such as dripping water. With short exposure photography You can capture action that happen really quick. For example without using short shutter speed You would no be able to capture running tap without getting blur on Your image. One of the types of short exposure photography is frozen motion. Frozen motion is used to freeze a specific second of a photograph. AN example could be ignition of a lighter. It happens very fast but using correct timing and light You will capture the sparks just before the fire light up. My self have experimented with this and I will show my images in the next blog post.

An Example of short exposure photography:


Ref: https://www.flickr.com/groups/robnunnphoto/discuss/72157623093896038/



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