In this blog post I will explain some of the important HTML code used in our project. I will outline what it does and what we use it for.

Index page 


Index page is one of the most important pages in our website. The HTML code used for this page is to create a Register Form and a Log in Form which is the first thing that appears for the user when he enters the website. In previous post with discussed hot PHP script allows the page to do something so this HTML code is as well injected with PHP. If it was just HTML the log in and register forms would not work and the page would just submit to itself . There is also log in and register buttons created.

Submit Day Out page 


This HTML code is also used to create a form fo day out submission. The codes consists of having 4 different text fields and one numeric field. The 4 text fields are used for name, description, location and the numeric field is used to give the day out a rating from 1 to 5.  There is also a submit button created.  As well as index page this page also has PHP so that it does not submit to it self and the data is authenticated and send to the database. This Page also contains code that create a box with the information every time a new day out is added. This looks more organized than having plain text on plain background.

Day Out Page 



Day out page HTML code is quite simple as it only consist of different <div> to sort out the day out’s we suggest to the user. The Page creates a top title with the type of the day and then 3 day out suggestion follows bellow it with all the information. Day out’s are stored in individual boxes to keep the information clear and easy to read. These boxes are created using CSS class=”day-box”.




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