Net Neutrality

Wha is Net Neutrality? 

“Net neautrality is this: If I pay to connect to the Net with a certain quality of service, and you pay to connect with that or greater quality of service, then we can communicate” (Net Neutrality: Towards a Co-Regulatory Solution by Christopher T. Marsden)

So what does this mean? Well in simple words Net Neutrality allows users of the internet to receive all services,data, websites ect. at the same level. Without the Net Neutrality there would be no one stopping ISP (Internet Service Providers ) at slowing down specific websites and streaming. Net Neutrality allows the internet to be free of discrimination against specific website and streaming. Net Neutrality states that all content of the internet should be treated equally.

Importance of Net Neutrality

We can ask a question about Net Neutrality weather it is a good or a bad thing. We can look at internet as an utility for people such as electricity. Electricity is equal for everyone. Utility Companies don’t charge extra money for using different types of devices or receiving different amount of electricity it is the same for everyone. Let’s say that charging a phone will be cheaper than charging a laptop and so on. Utility companies would make far more money and at the end the consumer will receive the biggest impact of this. Because electricity is the same for everyone it is neutral. Net Neutrality works almost same way. Everything in the internet is open. The users don’t need to pay extra money for ISP companies in order to access specific website or streaming. However user do pay for different bandwidth speeds but that does not relate which content the user will be able to access and not. For example if the ISP companies decide that they will slow down the speed of you favorite website and increase the speed of their favorite one that Would be a discrimination against You. The website that speed were slow down would have to pay the money to The ISP provider in order to increase the speeds of it. And again at the very end it is the consumer that faces the most impact of this situation.

An example about Net Neutrality could be how Netflix came to pay Comcast for internet traffic.

In 2013 and ISP called Comcast slowed down the bandwidth speed Netflix receives. Comcast subscribers started to feel the affect as the streaming was not as fast and video quality not as good. Comcast suggested Netflix to move to another service provider or pay extra for  for direct access to improve speed as they store allot of data in their servers. Netflix had no choice but to pay Comcast so that subscribers could receive normal service. Netflix is now paying between $25 to $50 million dollars a year to Comcast in order to maintain good service and ensure there is no internet traffic jam while using their service. This diagram will explain it visually what happened between Netflix and Comcast:



And this poster explain how Internet Service providers wan the Internet to be and how the internet is today:



Net Neutrality: Towards a Co-Regulatory Solution by Christopher T. Marsden
E-book link:

Videos Watched:


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