DME Without Net Neutrality

DME (Digital Media Enviroment ) Without Net Neutrality 

We have discussed previously what Net Neutrality means and how ISP providers can and have took the advantage of the Net Neutrality regulation lack.

How Would Digital Media Environment look like without Net Neutrality? This posted here show how the Internet is Today and how ISP would like the internet to be:


From the poster we can see that the ISP providers would like to block certain content and charger extra to use a certain services. That would me the internet very close as the consumers would not be able to access certain content without paying an extra charge. The charge could acquire to both the end consumer and the provider of the service. Let’s say that in order to use Facebook the ISP ask the subscriber to pay extra otherwise the website will run very slow and the user would not be able to use. Facebook as the service provider that store a lot data on ISP servers would need to pay extra so that they increase the speed of consumers accessing Facebook. As the internet is open these days all of us have the freedom to access all digital content at the same level. Without Net Neutrality there would be lot of control and limited space for innovations as the ISP companies would control what content users can see. Which means that new innovative star ups would have less opportunities.

One of the largest telecommunication regulator in the UK Ofcom decided in 2013 that : “Treating all packets of internet traffic as equals without discriminating against particular protocols and services – trendily known as net neutrality – is a non-issue in the UK.”
This statement means that in the UK Net Neutrality is not an issue therefore the ISP providers should not charge any extra to access certain content or give faster bandwidth speed for certain service or streaming providers. Many of the ISP companies would like that net neutrality did not exist as they would have an opportunity to make more money. However they forget the fact that people enjoy the internet the way it is – free and open. Government and consumers are highly for the net neutrality. If Net neutrality did not exists ISP companies would build monopolies and consumers would in a lot control of what content they can view the would also be an affect on innovation as mentioned earlier.

How Would Net Neutrality affect our Web Application? 

As mentioned in previous blog post our website idea helps users to find a day out in Bournemouth as well as registered users would be able to add their own day out. Since our website application is quite small and based only in Bournemouth Net Neutrality does not have a great affect on it. However if we decide to expand to other cities and towns we would produce more traffic to the ISP servers which means that if Net Neutrality did no exist ISP could charges us and users of using the website. If the website application start to compete with website like TripAdvisor ISP could choose to provide more speed and less traffic jam in their server for them if they pay more money.



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