Blogging System

In this blog post I will explain what Blogging system I will use of the Development for Digital Media Environments Unit.

To begin with I have change my blog theme to a new one which has a more simplistic look and is easier to read and follow. I have done this because the previous theme I had installed used a grid of pictures to access different post that I have made. The new theme allow me to have a consistent ‘scroll down’ flow mo my weblog.

To explain my new weblog system I will break it down to bullet points and explain how I will use text, images, categories and tags.


  • Post aligned in the middle of the weblog
  • Text aligned to the left
  • Calibri (Body) shrift with font Size 11
  • Citations and/or reference in Italic
  • Any abbreviations will be a explained in the KEY at the end of the post


  • Images size 800×600
  • Template to scale the image
  • Smaller images with background filling to will the row and/or the column of the page
  • Click through option for larger resolution images
  • Reference for the image below it in Italic font and underline text


  • One category for all the post in regard of the Unit (e.g Design for Digital Media Environment unit posts will be under D4DME category)
  • Any other post and self projects will be listed i Inspiration category


  • Each post will contain at least one Tag to link post that are similar or had influence on each other
  • Any self made projects will have tags to the post that I have learned from

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