Design Sketches – Final Design Decision

After deciding on data visualization, color pallet and data that I will use I have started to draw sketches in my note book.

The first design concept I have came up with was with the power station towers in line. Each of the tower is different size to represent the amount of Co2 emission. the Country name would go in the middle of the tower and would be written from top to bottom. The clouds coming out from the power station tower will represent the data, which is the percentage of how much the country contributes to the Worlds Co2 emission. This is a sketch that I draw in my notebook:


As You can see I have I have identified where the information will go and which part of the concept will represent what.

After giving some consideration to the design I have thought of a different design which encountered a problem that I identified in the first design Concept. First problem was that the Vector graphics will be quite repetitive which will not make the information easy to read.

When I considered the problem I have came up with a different design concept for my Poster. This time I used one power station tower and one big cloud coming out of it. I have decided to put 6 small clouds inside the big one which will represent the data of the 6 countries I have choose. I thought that this design concept will be better form my subject as it will be easier to read for the viewer because I will minimize the amount of repetitive vector graphics I will create. This is the sketch that I draw for my second design concept:


After giving some consideration I have decided that my final design concept will be the one with one power station tower as it encounters the problem I have faced with the first concept and make the information easier to read.


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