Design Process

I am using Adobe Illustrator and Vector Graphics to design my Poster.
At this Blog entry I will go through design process of my Communication Design A2 Poster.

The first thing I did before starting to draw my design on the computer I draw a clear sketch in my notebook then scanned it and place it as a template in Adobe Illustrator.




After doing this I progressed into drawing the shapes from my template using the pen tool in Adobe illustrator.


Using the Pen Tool I was able to follow my template and make any corrections if needed. For example I had to straighten up the sides of the power station tower as they were not equal. After doing the Power station I did the big cloud using the same Pen Tool.


The cloud was a bit more difficult to make as it had a lot of round corners. How I did it was that I only created one middle Anchor Point in between two corner Anchor Points. This then allowed me using  the Anchor Point Convertion Tool to create smooth anchor point so that when I move them they will become round.


When I completed the main part of the drawing I still had to draw the little clouds inside the big cloud. What I did was I copied the big cloud and made it smaller as well as finishing the gap. Then I copied the small cloud and made 5 more.  After doing that I grouped 3 main part’s together of my poster which are the power station tower, the big cloud and small clouds.



Moving on I have created lines to indicate which cloud represent which country. I use Line Segment tool for that.


After completing the previous step I started to input the data. I have started of by writing all the countries down and Writing “World Co2 Emission %” In the middle of the big cloud. I have use the Text tool to input the data.


Moving on using the same text tool I wrote down the percentage to the cloud in regard of how each country contributes to total World Co2 emission.


After completing these steps I have started to color my poster with the color pallet I chose. I thought about which color should go where and decided that the power station will be grey to keep the original look of it an so it does not look like something else. The background of the poster will be sky blue with white gradient from left and right I have choose this because a lot of images that I found online in regard of this subject had sky backgrounds. The big cloud will be blue, the small clouds will be green. I have choose these 2 color combinations for big and small clouds because it is the color that we see on a lot of globes or world map pictures, which is blue and green. Another thing is that the blue associates with sky while green associates with the environment. For the Actual text and data I have choose the Yellow Color as yellow associates with warning or attention and data will need to drag atention. I believe that I choose the right colors for the right parts of my Posters to communicate it clearly.

This is my Finished Poster with all the colors and data.

Griska Gediminas – A2 poster


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