Data Gathering

When we were introduced to the unit we were told not to spend a great amount of time on data gathering. My Communication Design Poster subject is “Who has the largest carbon footprint?” Because Co2 emission topic is quite widely discussed it was not hard for me to gather the data for my poster.

When collecting information I decided that I will only focus on how much each country contributes to the total Co2 emission in the world. Which should make the data easier to read, understand and compare.

I have used Statista Website to look for information and this is a graph that I found with how much each Country contributes to the total Co2 emission in the world.


After looking at the graph and Understating which Countries have the largest CO2 contribution to the World. I have decided to choose top 6 countries which are:

1. China – 23.43%

2. U.S – 14.69%

3.  India – 5.7%

4. Russia – 4.87%

5. Brazil – 4.17%

6. Japan – 3.61%

The reason I choose top 6 countries is that these one are with the highest Co2 contribution percentage. Other countries fall bellow 3% they still contribute but I felt that it is unnecessary to list a lot of countries on nearly the same percentage.


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