After doing my research of Data Visualization I am moving on on discovering different color pallets to understand what colors would be appropriate and go well with my Communication Design Poster.

In regard of the topic that I choose which is “Who has the Largest CO2 emission” I have already discovered images and symbols in regard of this topic. The images that I found also have me an insight what sort of colors I should use when designing my poster. Most of the pictures that I have posted previously of Power Station Towers contained white, light grey, dark grey, black color and/or grey or sky blue back ground. This gave me an idea to focus on of grey color pallet:

colour patern

The problem this color pallet has is that it does not have any bright colors which I though will not be that appealing to the viewer of the poster and most of the design could look like everything is going to one place. This might affect the design as the viewer might feel lost while looking into it.

To encounter this problem I have choose to contribute more research to find other images and color in regard of Co2 emission. While looking online for images I have found a few other colors that are brighter and associates with Co2. These are the examples :



I thought that these colors would be a better choice for my poster because of few things. First they are brighter colors. For example a yellow color could be used for warning while the green colors relates to environment and nature. After considering that these colors would be a better choice it was easier for me to combine them with other colors such as sky blue. After considering the posbilities I have came up with a different color pallet which I think is a better decision as it encounter the problems I have faced with the first one.

This is My second Color Pallet

colour patern2

I am still keeping the grey and darker grey color just because I believe this will best suit the power station Towers and the viewers will be able to identify them more easily rather than in any other color.


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