Data Visualization

Continuing with my Communication Design A2 poster development and research I have spend some time on Data Visualization and research in regard of what symbols, pictures, designs are in association to it. I have approached this research by looking online and mainly Google Images to see what results I get when I type CO2 in to the search field. The results I got from this type of research allowed my to come up with several design approaches I could do for my Poster.

Most of the images I have found on Google Images consisted of clouds and power station towers with smoke coming out of them. Here is a couple of examples I have found:






This types of images allowed me to come up with the several ways of how I could Visualize the data in my poster so that the viewers of it could understand it without any supporting text material. Because there was quite a lot of images containing power stations with smoke and cloud I though that using this type of visualization will allow the viewer to understand what I am trying to communicate straight away. Power Station Tower can be used in A bar chart as Bar and different sizes of them represent the CO2 emission contribution to the world. This is one of the ideas that I thought about when I saw the images which allowed me to draw a clear idea of How I would like to Visual my data.

Other images That I found on the internet where as well in association  to clouds.
For example:
This type of image is quite simple but it allowed me to think about different way of how can I approach the design. For example if I use the power stations as bars in a bar chart the actual data could be represented in cloud which are coming out of them. I believe that this type of Data Visualization would communicate quite well to the viewer as there is a lot of association to power stations and the amount of CO2 they release.


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