Who Has the Largest Footprint – Flowchart Planning

Today in the seminar we were introduced to some ideas of how to plan our project work. We have looked at some examples of infographics and how the information is communicated visually. One of the examples we looked at was a poppy infographics which communicated the information visually about deaths at the World War I, World War II, Bangladesh War and Israel vs Palestine. I admire the idea of how the information is communicated through visual concepts as a person who saw the poppy inforgrqphic for the first time I knew what is being communicated to me almost immediately. There is not a lot of text in the poppy infographic but there as some strong visual data used that allows people to read and understand the infographic quickly. One of the most familiar visual concepts that poppy infographic uses is a timeline which most of the people are familiar with.

Here is the poppy infographic designed by Valentine D’Efilippo.


Following today’s seminar I have also created a rough flowchart considering what steps I will take towards my final project.

Here is my flowchart:


My flowchart shows that I will be considering and researching visual and data concepts such as colour patterns, symbols in regards of CO2 emission and data visualisation. My aim is to make this poster easy to read and understand from the point the first see it. A lot of CO2 Emission infographics and posters include a fair amount of text. My aim for this project is to use minimum text ant visualise data in simplest form. Following my flowchart I will extend the areas such as ‘Data Visualisation’ and look more into it.


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